Mike G.

Michigan state Games Time Trial 2015

Mike came to me in December of 2014 with the goal of improving his already dominant time trial performances.

I developed a structured training plan for Mike that took him off of the “ride hard all of the time program” that he was on. I also increased his training time on his time trial bike, and insisted that he incorporate prescribed stretches into his weekly training.

Mike won all, but one, of the Masters time trails that he entered including the State Time Trial Championship. He increased his margin of victory in every event that he repeated victories in, and he was going so well that he outright won the overall title at The Sodus Valley Time Trial.

Michigan State Masters 45 - 49 Time Trail Champion 2015

How do you know where to go when you want to take your performance up a notch? You look at who the winning riders trust for their training/coaching plans! I learned about Kinetic Fitness Coaching from some of the top riders in the state, and when the opportunity came to train with them, I jumped at the chance. Jason Hess worked with me to understand my goals, and set-up training to support those objectives. Let me say that my expectations were far exceeded – even when I thought I was riding at a good level, Kinetic Fitness Coaching found room for improvement. And the improvement was measureable in results. Year over year gains, due to the training plan developed for me, spoke volumes to the effectiveness of the coaching. In addition, customer service is the first rate. It’s easy to understand why people flock to Kinetic Fitness Coaching, they’re great to work with because they help you reach your goals, it’s not some computer generated, generic, one size fits all plan. They develop a plan for you, and, if an issue or question comes up, Kinetic Fitness Coaching is only a text/call away.
Mike G.