Customized Weekly Personal Training Workout Programs

Customized Weekly Personal Training Workout Programs give you specific, detailed information on what to do with your cardiovascular, and resistance training, for each and every day of the week. From cardio time to sets and reps, everything is laid out in the manner that will work for you schedule.

If you do not have any devices to monitor your exertion while doing your cardio we will use tried and tested methods to guide us with your training.
If you have a heart rate monitor we will use it to guide us with your cardiovascular training.
If you have a power meter we will use it to guide us with your on the bike cardiovascular training.

Sample Training Programs

The 1st program is designed after you and I work through A 4 step process

The entire process gets rolling when you contact me via email or phone call. As soon as I am able to, I connect with you, we have a short conversation, and I gain a little background information about you. After our talk, I email you a comprehensive background form that you complete.
Once you receive the background form, you fill it out to the best of your abilities. There may be some parts in it that you do not know, or are unsure of, the answers. If that is the case, it is just fine to leave them blank. Once you complete the form, email it back to me and I will review it.
After receiving your completed form, I study it, and use the information within, to complete the athlete profile that I have begun developing for you. Invariably, there are a few questions I need to ask, so I will always follow up my review of your completed form with a phone call. Once I have all of the information that I need to complete your athlete profile, you give me the go ahead to begin, and we proceed to Step 4.
I produce, and email a customized weekly training program for you. In general, I complete your week’s training program Sunday afternoon, and email it to you Sunday night. Step 4 is a process that repeats itself over and over as long as you and I work together.

Contact Me To Start The Process:

4 Weeks of Customized & Personalized Weekly Training Plans @ $150