Adam B.

St. Anthony Olympic Distance Triathlon 2015

I had worked with Adam since the beginning of 2014, and our goal had been to increase his triathlon proficiency. A nagging knee injury caused him to reevaluate his triathlon goals, and ultimately shift his focus to road racing.

In shifting from triathlon training to road cycling we were obviously able to eliminate the swimming and running components of his program. Even with the decrease in disciplines we kept the overall volume of training roughly the same. However, our major change was that we scrapped a lot of the long steady state efforts, and replaced them with the short, punchy efforts needed for road racing.

Adam displayed steady improvement in the 6 races that he competed in after he transitioned to exclusively cycling. He finished off the year with a 2nd place finish in the Debates-Devos Criterium, and he is 4 races away from getting his Category 4 upgrade.