Keith D.

Island Lake training ride

Keith approached me in 2013 looking for help with merging his race goals with his life commitments. I told him if he had specific events in mind then we could work his training around his hectic work life.

Keith’s program was designed to work around his busy work schedule. He spends long hours at the office during the week. So we had to maximize the little free time that was available mid-week with a few short and intense sessions. And then on the weekend we piled on big rides to boost his training volume.

Keith’s hard work and drive have paid off with several podium placings in his key events. His effort and intensity exemplify that, even if you have a tight schedule, you can work hard and earn the results that you want.

Barry Roubaix 2015

I starting riding with Jason on a few of his group rides. I was impressed by his fitness but I was even more impressed with his passion and attention to detail. With a busy schedule I was looking for a way to get more fitness without spending more hours on the bike (especially in the winter months). As a coach, Jason has provided me with specific training plans to meet my fitness goals. Not only am I able to meet and exceed my ongoing fitness goals I am usually able to keep up on the “easy”group rides and have had the pleasure of standing on the podium a few times.
Keith D.