Marc D.

Firecracker 50 Breckenridge, CO

Marc had finished 5th in his category at the 2014 Iceman, and had done well in year’s prior. However, he was frustrated, and felt he could do better than he had. Before we even discussed his training he set a personal goal of a top 3 placing for 2015. I told him that if he trained harder than he ever had then a victory was within his reach.

Marc’s program was designed to increase his training volume, and intensity, substantially. Marc did not lack in ability, however, he lacked enough work to help him reach his full potential. I gradually increased his training volume throughout the summer, and added structured intervals to help boost his high intensity ability.

A picture is worth 1000 words! Marc not only made the top 3 in his category, all of his hard work, sacrifice and effort pushed him to his much sought after age group victory!

Iceman 2015 Podium