On-The-Bike Skills Training

If you have as much fitness as you need to enjoy your riding or racing, do you also have the bike handling skills to maximize that fitness?  Do any of the following situations apply to you?

• Are you unsure of how to properly rotate in a pace line or an echelon?

• Do you struggle with the technique of climbing while standing?

• Do you lack the confidence to take a corner at the speed you want?

• Do you need to work on your sprinting technique to maximize your results?

If you are not confident with your on-the-bike skills, I can help you.

Book an appointment for yourself – or for yourself and some friends – and I will help you refine these skills.


Contact me to book an appointment:jason@kineticfitnesscoaching.com

1 rider @ $75 / hour

2 riders @ $40 per rider / hour

3 riders @ $30 per rider / hour

4 or more riders / contact me for pricing

Jason Hess is an excellent coach, a great guy and a generous man. He worked with several members of our group, from racers to weekend warriors and found a way to connect with and help each of us, myself included. After 20 years of recreational riding, I took the plunge. After a few sessions with Jason I had a new understanding of climbing technique, cadence and energy saving. You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but Jason did teach the middle aged woman how to finish a century ride in style.
Beth B.