Training Consultations

As much as I think that having a customized & personalized program that instructs you what to do everyday of the week is the best way to go, it might not be the right answer for you.  If you are someone who doesn’t need a day by day cycling or personal training program, but you have training questions that need to be addressed, then maybe you need a training consultation.  Ask yourself if you have the answers to all of these questions:

Do you know if you are getting enough recovery in your training program?I will evaluate your workload and tell you how much off time you need between efforts, workouts & training cycles.
Do you know how to periodize your cycling and resistance training volumes?I will asses your training and tell you when to add and subtract training hours.
Do you know when to add intervals to your program?I will evaluate your training and let you know when to add structured interval work
Do you want to add an off-season resistance training plan?I will set up a periodized plan that will maximize the integration of your cycling and lifting.

If you have training questions you want answered, book an appointment for yourself. I will answer all of those questions. Contact me to book an appointment:

Consultations @ $75 / hour