Why Choose Kinetic Fitness Coaching?

You can get strong by going out and riding as hard as you can when you can. But you will not get as strong as you can if you are doing a systematic program. I will put you on a systematic program that will maximize your hard work.
You push hard on the pedal, but you want to get a bigger number. If it’s max, 10sec, 30sec, 1:00, 3:00, 10:00, 20:00 or longer, I can help you bring your numbers up.

You can call, text or email me 24 hours a day, and as often as you need. I do not limit the feedback between myself and my clients. I want to answer any, and all, of your questions. I reply to inquiries as soon as possible.

You have pushed yourself so hard in your quest to excel that you have fried your legs and your ambition. I can help you right the ship and get you back on course.
You live in the real world, and have a real life. You have a job, a family and kids. You have to maximize your training time to maximize your results. I know what you need to do, and what you need to skip, to maximize the gains for your time.

Do you go to the gym and do the same routine over and over? Or do you go to your facility and stare at the equipment because you do not know what to do? I can help you maximize your time and effort by putting together a program for you that tells you when to train, and what to train.

You are working harder and harder, and not seeing the benefits of your training. Despite your best efforts you are stuck in a training rut, and your results are stagnant. I can help pull you out of it and get you back on track.

You were rolling fast and strong. You were in the form of your life, and then a crash took you out of training for some time. I know what you need to do to get back to where you were before.

You may be putting in enough time and effort to see a change, but you may be applying it in the wrong fashion. I can construct a program to help you reach your goals with your available time.

Kinetic Fitness Coaching: Results Driven Professional Training Services. I have the Training Plan For Riders Of all Disciplines And Abilities

2014 Hines Time Trial




Keith on the rail trail


I starting riding with Jason on a few of his group rides. I was impressed by his fitness but I was even more impressed with his passion and attention to detail. With a busy schedule I was looking for a way to get more fitness without spending more hours on the bike (especially in the winter months). As a coach, Jason has provided me with specific training plans to meet my fitness goals. Not only am I able to meet and exceed my ongoing fitness goals I am usually able to keep up on the “easy”group rides and have had the pleasure of standing on the podium a few times.
Keith D.
Jason Hess is an excellent coach, a great guy and a generous man. He worked with several members of our group, from racers to weekend warriors and found a way to connect with and help each of us, myself included. After 20 years of recreational riding, I took the plunge. After a few sessions with Jason I had a new understanding of climbing technique, cadence and energy saving. You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but Jason did teach the middle aged woman how to finish a century ride in style.
Beth B.
I met Jason many years ago through cycling and racing. I needed greater strength and power on the bike and at the time Jason set me up with an off season, customized resistance training program catering specific to my cycling needs and goals. The template of which I still use to this very day to help recover lost strength due to the cycling season. Later in my career, as my training and racing plateaued, Jason designed for me a power based cycling program to make better, more efficient use of my training time, get stronger and faster on the bike, and help me stay focused toward my cycling goals. It takes any guess work out of your riding/training program....you know exactly where you need to be. Even more recently, Jason has worked closely with me to overcome a cycling accident to regain my fitness. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone serious about getting stronger or faster on the bike or who just wants to be more physically fit.....
Mark W.
Jason has helped me to stay on top of my performance goals with specific training plans that meet my needs and busy schedule. Winter months have proven to be most difficult, especially in Michigan, to maintain motivation along with a solid base fitness level. Kinetic Fitness Coaching has provided me with diverse and challenging workouts, utilizing cycling as the foundation to guide me through the cold months. This has enabled me to be ready for the early spring events and achieve results that met my goals.
Jeff W.
How do you know where to go when you want to take your performance up a notch? You look at who the winning riders trust for their training/coaching plans! I learned about Kinetic Fitness Coaching from some of the top riders in the state, and when the opportunity came to train with them, I jumped at the chance. Jason Hess worked with me to understand my goals, and set-up training to support those objectives. Let me say that my expectations were far exceeded – even when I thought I was riding at a good level, Kinetic Fitness Coaching found room for improvement. And the improvement was measureable in results. Year over year gains, due to the training plan developed for me, spoke volumes to the effectiveness of the coaching. In addition, customer service is the first rate. It’s easy to understand why people flock to Kinetic Fitness Coaching, they’re great to work with because they help you reach your goals, it’s not some computer generated, generic, one size fits all plan. They develop a plan for you, and, if an issue or question comes up, Kinetic Fitness Coaching is only a text/call away.
Mike G.
I did fairly well when I was training myself. But fairly well wasn't good enough for me. I knew that if I wanted to reach my true potential, I would need the help of a professional. I chose Jason Hess of Kinetic Fitness Coaching because he has a well known reputation for success. And that success isn't just limited to coaching others; it's also apparent in his own cycling career. No matter how good a cyclist you are, you'll be that much better training on a professionally structured program.
Susan A.